Non-official functions

APAA advises that all functions outside the official program are strictly forbidden during the period of the APAA Conference from 3 to 7 November 2023.  The only exceptions are Private Functions which are held between 18:00 to midnight on Excursion Day, 6 November 2023.  (“the Permitted Period”).  

“Private Function” means any function that does not and/or is not intended primarily to promote or market the business of the persons hosting the function.  For the avoidance of doubt, Private Functions outside the Permitted Period are not allowed.

Event Name Badges

All registered participants will be issued an event name badge and must be worn at all times for access to the conference area and/or event venues.

All registered participants will also be issued a wrist band for the Cultural Evening which must be worn for access to the venue throughout the duration of the Cultural Evening.

For safety and security of our participants, persons without the event identification (name badge, wristband) will be denied entry into the event venues.